Isolation and characterization of cDNA clones for Humly9: the human homologue of mouse Ly9


Ly9 is a mouse cell membrane antigen found on all lymphocytes and coded for by a gene that maps to chromosome 1. We previously described the isolation and characterization of a full-lenght cDNA clone for mouse Ly9. Using cross-species hybridization we isolated cDNA clones encoding the human homologue Humly9. Analysis of the predicted protein sequence suggests that the extra-cellular portion of the Humly9 molecules is composed of four Ig-like domains: a V domain (V) without disulphide bonds and a truncated C2 domain (tC2) with two disulphide bonds, a second V domain without disulphide bonds and a second tC2 with two disulphide bonds, i.e., as V-tC2-V-tC2. The gene encoding Humly9 was mapped to chromosome 1 by analysis of human/hamster hybrids, and more specifically to the 1q22 region by in situ hybridization. The protein sequence data support the view that Humly9 belongs to the immunoglobulin-superfamily subgroup which includes CD48, CD2, and LFA-3.


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