Eugenol Como Anestésico Para Labores De Manipulación De Xiphophorus Helleri (heckel, 1848) (cyprinodontiformes: Poecilidae) Eugenol as Anesthetic for Handling Tasks of Xiphophorus Helleri (heckel, 1848) (cyprinodontiformes: Poecilidae)


The aim of this study was to perform various tests of the anesthetic efficacy of eugenol applied to different handling tasks such as artificial insemination, spawning induction, obtaining body weight and length, the conduct of operations, biopsies and transport of Xiphophorus helleri (Heckel, 1848). The tests were performed on 10 individual males and 10 individual females of X. helleri -1 (swordfish) per three doses of eugenol. The use of this product was effective in both sexes at doses of 100, 125 and 150 mg· L ; -1 with a total average time of anesthesia induction (T.I.) of 251.2 sec (males) and 279.5 sec (females) to 100 mg L ; 201.8 sec -1 -1 (males) and 257.7 sec (females ) to 125 mg L ; 182.3 sec (males) and 209.4 sec (females) to 150 mg L ; and an average time of full -1 recovery from anesthesia (T.R.) of 261.1 sec (males ) and 389.8 sec (females) to 100 mg L ; 204.5 sec (males) and 213.5 sec -1 -1 (females) to 125 mg· L ; 255.1 sec (males) and 238.3 sec (females) to 150 mg L . The induction of anesthesia was found by -1 -1 correlation analysis to be more efficient with a dose of 125 mg L for males and 100 mg L for females. Equations were linear for -1 doses of greater efficiency: y = 58.98x 103.01; R 2 = 0.27 (induction time vs. weight in males at a dose of 125 mg L ), y = 85x – -1 136,5; R 2 = 0.41 (Induction time vs. length in males at a dose of 125 mg L ), y = 130.76x – 86.88; R 2 = 0.63 (induction time vs. -1 -1 weight in females at a dose of 100 mg L ), y = 219.27x – 724.74; R 2 = 0.54 (length vs. time length, females at a dose of 100 mg L ). These linear equations allow a savings in time and dosage as these variables depend on the weight and length of the animals; no lethal effect on them was observed. The high efficiency at low doses and low cost, and the absence of toxicity are important parameters to consider in this type of testing.


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